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4370 Medical Arts Dr., Suite 205, Flower Mound, Texas 75028



Our therapies offer innovative alternatives for the treatment of pain. 

When will it be your turn to live your life the way it was meant to be?

Dr. Sathya Bhandari, MD took an interest in regenerative medicine in 2012 when she started treating patients with recurrent tendon injuries. Even though the current treatment helped, it did so for a short period of time and eventually led the patient to surgery.  After extensive research and studying, Dr. Bhandari began using regenerative medicine in her practice. Her results were mirroring what the researchers were seeing. In 2017, she established Liberty Regenerative Therapeutics. Dr. Bhandari believes that regenerative medicine, which makes it possible to actually repair diseased, injured or congenitally defective tissues will be a vital component of medicine in the coming years. 

Liberty Regenerative Therapeutics was established to harness your natural potential to heal and Dr. Bhandari is transforming people's lives, one injection at a time. 

Stem Cell Therapy

The building blocks for future bone, cartilage, muscle, marrow, tendon/ligament, adipose tissue, and connective tissue are safely tucked away on your own bone marrow awaiting activation. 

Platelet Rich Plasma

Dubbed the "Golden serum", platelet rich plasma has the ability to naturally heal the body. 


Hear from people who have benefited from regenerative treatments.

Informational videos

Hear from Dr. Bhandari about the latest in research.

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